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Student's Training

Student's Training

MySoroban invites every student in world to learn soroban to enhance all the soft skills, it may be a child having or not having any one of the following intelligence those are linguistic, spatial, logical, visual, kinaesthetic, auditory, interpersonal, intrapersonal and emotional intelligence, they can acquire concentration, memory, photographic memory, imagination, listening, focus, required to excel in their life when they follow the instructions of their soroban teacher.

There are two type of registration to learn soroban/abacus mental maths
Students can register to learn soroban mental maths directly through MySoroban and another one is, students can register through their existing institutes (refer syllabus before register), contact your institute in-charge or teacher.

Students from any other institutes and want to pursue their soroban learnings to the next higher levels and courses available in MySoroban can join directly, but there may be a eligibility test to join next higher level, if the student failed in a level during eligibility test, where there is stuck to get pass will be the level to register to continue their soroban education.

MySoroban never interfere with the students register under any of the schools /organization /institutes. All the level soroban education, examination and certifications may be taken care by their schools /organization /institutes only.

There are different courses are available to learn. New candidates can learn the courses one after another from foundation course to master course.

Students from various organizations who wish register to learn the higher courses (refer syllabus before register the course). Important to note that Eligibility Test shall be conducted to confirm the capabilities on previous levels and to get eligibility to register to the next higher level or course.

Courses - refer Syllabus

Kids-1 Pre-KG - 20th kyu/level
Kids-2 L-KG - from 20th to 17th kyu/level
Kids-3 U-KG - from 20th to 14th kyu/level
Foundation-1 from 20th kyu/level to up to 14th kyu/level
Foundation-2 from 13th kyu/level to up to 11th kyu/level
Basics from 10th kyu/level to up to 8th kyu/level
Intermediate from 7th kyu/level to up to 5th kyu/level
Advanced 4th and 3rd kyu/level
Master 2nd and 1st kyu/level
Vacation Foundation-1 and Foundation-2
Schools - 1
Primary-1 Grade - 1 - from 20th to 18th kyu/level
Primary-2 Grade - 2 - from 20th to 16th kyu/level
Primary-3 Grade - 3 - from 20th to 14th kyu/level
Primary-4 Grade - 4 - from 20th to 13th kyu/level
Primary-5 Grade - 5 - from 20th to 11th kyu/level
Schools - 2
Basic-1 Grade - 6 - from 20th to 8th kyu
Intermediate-1 Grade - 7 - from 20th to 7th kyu
Advanced - 1 Grade - 8 & 9 - from 20th to 6th kyu/level

Examination and Certificate

Examination shall be conducted by online only. After successful completion of every course, certificate shall be issued to every successful student.