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Free Education


Zutoura, MySoroban and LA-MES offers free educations to the under privileged children of Asia, Africa and Europe. Service organizations which are all taking care of orphan children in those countries can apply to get education without any fee. Further, Necessary training on courses may be given by us to the teachers in the respective service organizations, they can take the course to the children under their care.

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Every penny of the donation goes to the service organizations which are all taking care about the orphan children, which shall help them to obtain proper education at right age.

Donations are expected from all over the world, who are all having kind heart to extend their hands to join with us, it may be either by the way of helping to register more number of payable students to MySoroban or LA-MES course (i.e. who can pay the course fee, from their fee some percentage fee will go from MySoroban and LA-MES to service organization in various countries) and help us by joining as educator to conduct online classes through MySoroban and LA-MES. A part of share from the fee paid by students shall be contributed to those service organisations.

Also, who are all interested to contribute their services to the world can join their hands with us to get donations from their contacts. Also, requesting donors to donate directly to our account.

All the donors and supporters listed will be published in the Zutoura, MySoroban and LA-MES official websites.

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There are many ways to render our support and care to the needy in the world. So, requesting enthusiastic youngsters, educators, service minded great hearts and everyone having thrust to do good thing to our world can connect with us to strengthen our abilities to support the hungers, they may be hunger for food, education and knowledge), let join together to bring them up to stand on their own.

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