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Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Mysoroban helps to sanction and process all the data of users (The "users" depicted here can be organizations, teachers, institutions, schools, and students) while surfing through the site, www.Mysoroban.com (hereinafter mentioned to be the "site"). The privacy Policy of Mysoroban is a very pivotal element of the Terms of Use of this site.

Thorough attention is paid to all the data interpretation of the users by Mysoroban, also there may be an addition, scope to amend, or an update to the Privacy Policy at a regular interval. Also, Mysoroban can modify the current policy for complying with the changes of the favorable and applied laws & regulations. To the maximum tier possible we will notify you of any big changes to this policy. We encourage you to regularly visit the most recent update available on our Site.

What can be the purpose behind the collection of personal data and what kind of personalized data is collected?
When you use our platform and/or when you register to create a new account, we collect and process personal data about you, such as your family name and first name.

We can ask you to send your email address to use this element of data to create a new account, send information and messages, as well our newsletter.

We will ask and collect your postal address, your sex, contact number, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and certain information available on your social networks. Mysoroban can also ask for a brief character essay of yours to share. A photo can also be required in order to identify you during your project's presentation.

Mysoroban.com uses Learning Analytics methods for analyzing the courses followed, the numerical sums, the chapters completed, and user experience and projects. These data types are then used for displaying and analyzing, and these data are even utilized for a plethora of aspects. Particularly the collection of one's user experience and tracking the progress, sanctioning follow-ups in line along with statistical deviations concerning one's determination and motivation.

Where you send us your contact details, we may contact you by call and ask you for information on your professional project, you're selected and preferable route, qualification votes, your financing sources and favorable ones, your desire for long-term training, the obstacles to the solution proposed, the estimated starting date, about your situation and selective reasons for rejection. The data mentioned here are then utilized mainly for the consultation, registration, completion, uses transmission, and extraction to surf up the success of the students. You can register through Facebook or your personal Google Mail account when you opt for registering on the Platform. When a user connects through a social media handle to our Platform, particularly Facebook, Mysoroban may have access to some of your data (specifically your public Facebook profile, date of birth, and email address) of your own account on the social platform in accordance with the terms of use of the favorite social platform. We may collect certain personal data where you interact with the functions of those social networks, for example, the "Like" functions.

Why do we use cookies?

Definition of cookies and their uses - Cookies pose to be text files that are flushed on your desktop when you boot your system and visit the platform. The internet pilot helps to manage the cookies, these cookies present on the site are utilized to accomplish the essentials for the internet navigation, helping to optimize and personalize the services in the platform by retaining your preferences. The cookies will help us to see how our platform is used. Your IP Address is arranged and stored along with the information relating to the utilization of our site. The Site retains your information as soon as a connection is stabilized between the website and the server. The information sanctioned previously in a web format may be kept.

Various types of Cookies are utilized on our website;

Cookies that are pivotal for the daily operations of the platform are included and used on our site (compulsory cookies). The main functions of our website can be used through the help of these cookies (e.g. gaining entry to your own account). The absence of these types of compulsory cookies may induce malfunctions and you will not be able to utilize this site at a normal pace.

Functional cookies, some of which are analytical cookies: In order to improve our services, we use audience-measurement cookies like the number of pages watched, the number of visits, the activities of different visitors and users along with the return frequency of theirs, however specifically only through the use of Google Analytics. These cookies only allow the inception of statistical studies on the User traffic on our platform, which results are completely anonymous to allow us to educate ourselves about the utilization and achievement of our esteemed platform, helping it recover and develop its functions if any deviations are found in performance. These cookies provide you with a flawless user experience when accepted on prompt. If you refuse them, we cannot assure you of normal use on our platform.

It can even include cookies that allow us to personalize your experience on our platform by memorizing your preferences (like social media site sharing cookies). A third party places these cookies on our account but there is no authorization for their use apart from the ones which are elaborated.

Target cookies (advertisement cookies): These cookies relate to services provided by third parties, just as the "Like" or "Share" buttons. These cookies are placed by third parties.

Some cookies are those which are especially used on this website:

Temporary Cookies - These cookies are available for a given period of time, if you are online on our site, this cookie will be active, once you leave this site for a period of time, this cookie fades off.

Permanent or Tracer cookies: this sort of cookie is fixed in your navigator's cookie file for an extended period, which depends upon the parameters of your web engine. Permanent cookies are often termed Tracer cookies.

Use of third-party cookies. We may use third-party partners like Google Analytics, to trace the progress of our users to our platform or to spot your centers of interest on our website alongside personalizing that provide being sent to you internally or externally. The knowledge collected by third-party advertisers may include geo-location data or contact information, like email addresses. The safety policies of a number of third parties give an additional itinerary about the direction of use for these cookies.

We make sure that the partner companies comply with the process of the knowledge collected on our platform especially for our requirements and in accordance with our instructions, in compliance with the Singapore regulations. There are justified security and protection protocols to stay the data's secrecy intact. Deactivation of cookies. Upon your first connection on our website, you're given the scope of selecting your cookies settings and changing them whenever you would like.

Mysoroban, our website assembles information which you provide us when:

You surf through our website and utilize the applications
You gain access, change or modify and make your personal account
You fill during a contact form
You register an application document subjective for our training courses
You contact our Customer Service Department

Is your information shared with third parties?
The personal data about you collected on our platform are intended to be used by Mysoroban.com and should be sent to sub-contractors employed by Mysoroban.com to supply its services.

Mysoroban.com won't under any instances sell or lease your personal data to 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

Our site will work with a really close reference to third party companies letting them gain access to users' personal database as follows;

Where you create an express plea (for example, where you employ the authentication methods provided by the social networks allowing you to integrate into your Mysoroban.com profile information from your own account on their own platform;

Making changes and optimizing the present platform with the help of web engines and analytical solutions;

Here we'll have the membership which is related to examining, certifying also like the organizations conducting competitions to the users of mysoroban.com.

Where we have the legal request to try to this or if we contemplate in straightness that it's necessary (i) to reply to any avow against Mysoroban.com, (ii) to suits any legal demand, (iii) to perform any truce concluded with our members, just like the Terms of Use and therefore the present Privacy Policy, (iv) within the context of an emergency threatening the general public health or physical integrity of an individual, (v) concerning subjective inquiries and investigations, or (vi) to assure the rights, assets, and security of Mysoroban.com, its members and usually any selective third parties;

Additionally, Mysoroban.com doesn't disclose your personal data to 3rd parties except where (1) you (or your account administrator acting in your name) requests or authorizes their disclosure; (2) disclosure is important and is required to sanction payments or avail services which are requested by the user; (3) Our site, Mysoroban.com has got to forcibly to try to as per an authoritarian body, through the event of judicial requisition, a summons to seem before a court or the other similar governmental or judicial requirement, or to determine or defend a legal plea; or (4) the third parties represent themselves as any sub-contractor or agent of the web site within the context of providing services (e.g. the instances where Mysoroban website takes the assistance of the services given by telecommunications company).

If Mysoroban.com or all or a neighborhood of its assets is purchased by a third party, the data in our possession are getting to be transferred to the new owner.

We may combine data concerning you which of them we receive or send to our commercial partners, including especially all or a neighborhood of your personal data and thus the knowledge collected by cookies. Of this proposed information would be utilized just for the selective purposes as elaborated.

As requested by users, our website provides you the entire list of nations where all of your data are officially routed and where they're stored.

How is your personal information safeguarded?

Mysoroban.com applies generally recognized technological and organizational measures to make sure that the private data collected aren't lost, misappropriated, consulted, amended, or disclosed by unauthorized third parties unless the communication of the selective data is extremely much essential following the regulations through force, particularly with consent and plea of the governing authority, the juridical police, or the other authority or majority body sanctioned by law.

Safe and secure personal data also depends on users who provide them and use them. Users who are members of Mysoroban.com suits keep their user ID and password confidential. The members accept as true with a truce of not sharing the respective accounts neither informing our site Mysoroban.com about any unauthorized utilization of accounts as soon as they become aware.

What is the holding time of your personal data?

The private data communicated by Users of Mysoroban.com are deleted at the absolute best of a specific period of a short time and according to the data processed. To allow members to recover their accounts if they forget their password after a protracted period without connecting to things, your email is kept for reasons of security. However, it's possible to delete it by amending the knowledge within their profile within the section "My Account" on things. We keep your data only for the amount necessary for the requirements described, in accordance with the law, and in particular: Connection data and profile data: 6 months after your last use of our platform, if you haven't closed your account; If your account is suspended or blocked, we keep your data for a period of 1 year from the suspension so on stop you from disregarding the principles effective on our platform. Invoice and contractual data: 3 years Data concerning visitors and commercial marketing: 2 years are you a minor? As our aim is to make education accessible to everyone, minors may gain access to things to browse for information. You would like to read this Privacy Policy to make sure that you simply realize it. Where you give your consent once you're a minor, the private data concerning you is collected. You'll exercise your right to be forgotten if you did not wish the data concerning you to be kept in our databases. In regard to the social networks, what would happen within the events with the use of services given by our site Mysoroban.com? Where you use social networks and thus the services or applications of Mysoroban.com concerning social networks, this involves the gathering and exchange of data between the social networks and Mysoroban.com. We aren't liable for the use made up of your data by social networks on their own behalf. You have the likelihood of fixing parameters and directly controlling access on the social networks and thus the confidentiality of your data. Our students can fruitfully share information with the help of a workplace initiated by Facebook. The comments on Workplace are the property of Mysoroban.com, which we have the likelihood of amending, deleting, or exporting at any time. What are your rights? In accordance with the regulations effective, Users of our platform have subsequent rights: A right to understand access to and to correct information; A right to update and increase User data; A right to block or delete personal User data where they're inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out-of-date or whose collection, use, communication or conservation is prohibited; A right to withdraw consent at any time; A right to limit the processing of User data; A right to object to the processing of private data; A right to the portability of data that Users have supplied where such data is that the topic of automated processing supported their consent or an agreement. If you'd wish to understand how Mysoroban.com uses these personal data, due to correct or object to the processing of data, you'll send an email to a subsequent address: support@Mysoroban.com.